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POSitive:Cash — Retail (POS system)

The program product POSitive:Cash is a Belarusian development that satisfies all requirements of the working legislation of the Republic of Belarus and entered as a POS-system in the State register of cash registers and special computer systems of the Republic of Belarus.

The POSitive:Cash system is meant for accounting automation of small retail stores. By virtue of installation of the POSitive:Cash-based POS-system and the fiscal register SPARK-11TF a storekeeper will not only satisfy the requirements of Belarusian legislation but also get a reliable tool for record-keeping in retail business.

If to speak about the system’s advantages:

  • A clean and user-friendly interface – an operator doesn’t need to take longtime training in order to start work. A few minutes of self-facilitated studying of the basic program operations are enough to go about work. A capability of turning on pop-up hints for keying lightens the training and the work.
  • Work with a supplier’s facilities - if it's necessary to cut costs the program for store automation POSitive:Cash can be installed on a client’s PC together with a fiscal register and a scanner. It allows launching a store when there’s a lack of funds for buying the complete system.
  • A large variety of customer loyalty systems - among the discount options: a progressive one, a discount on items, for a certain client, in a certain period. A possibility to combine all types of discounts. There’s also a payment in advance system exists as well as a possibility of using gift certificates.
  • Simple information input – there’s a possibility to enter information of the loyalty system and the goods reference directly within the Front-office.
  • Access rights differentiation – helps to differentiate a possibility of specific actions’ perfoming in the system depending on the position held (a cashier, a senior cashier, an owner/ manager).
  • Excellent quality-price ratio (the program+the fiscal register) – having such an extensive functionality the system has a comparatively democratic price which will not bear heavily on the store’s owner.

An availability of the one-station unit fiscal register SPARK-115TF, which is an Epson Printer-based, in the store automation system is an additional advantage. Among its many benefits, mention should be made of: a compact size, high reliability (error-free running time – 360 000 hours or 41 years), easy and quick paper loading.

Cashier window

POSitive:Cash — Розничная торговля (кассовая система)

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Basic functions

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Cash register remote control