Подключение к ИС "AITS-Прослеживаемость" для пользователей "Гедымин: Мясокомбинат"

Trade and warehousing

The solution for wholesale and retail business gives the possibility to automate accounting of following operations:

  • Incoming (purchase) of goods at a company in rubles and/or currency
  • Internal movement among business units and accountable persons
  • Sale of goods to a third party by bank transfer
  • Sales invoicing with or without goods reservation in the inventory list
  • Return of goods by a customer
  • Return of goods to a supplier
  • Goods writing off
  • Reapprisal of goods
  • Inventory of goods at storage places and sales points
  • Disposal of goods at retail
  • Completing and dismantle of goods
  • Ordering of goods from a supplier
'Disposal of goods at retail' document window
Review of stock in trade
Analysis of movement and stock of supplies allows users to predict a demand for delivery of goods and to form an order for a supplier
A goods card allows viewing of chosen goods’ history in terms of specified features

The standard delivery contains of dozens of reports including:

  • Buyer's debts
  • Shipping and payment schedule
  • Goods flow by month
  • Turnover balance list
  • Commodity-money report
  • Goods report
  • Expired debt receivable
  • Goods and materials realization