All kinds of accounts and involving withholdings, taxes and dues are automatized in the actual subsystem. Calculation of all forms of payment for labour and all possible benefits is carried out. If the company makes use of some specific calculation, the module can be easily adjusted. In other words, ANY calculation and payroll accounting can be carried out in the module.

Main functions:

  • calculation of all forms of payment for labour
  • calculation of salary supplements, shares of profits, service credits and so on
  • keeping of one-day work tickets and their further report
  • calculation of vacation time, sick pays, average wages payment, payment to average wages
  • receiving order calculation (alimony payment, penalty charge)
  • calculation and integration with “Fleet management” module on the grounds of trip tickets
  • forming of ПУ-3, ПУ-6 (personal record-keeping)
  • build-up of all restricted, statistical forms (4-Fund, 12-T, etc.)
  • automation of piece-work rate calculation
  • loading of working hours timesheets out of an automated checkpoint
  • automatic forming of accounting entries

The subsystem contains an ability to maintain a reference of piece-work rate calculation which are calculated automatically. It’s particularly topical for some large manufacturing outfits.

Technical operations

  • Calculation of piece-work rate on tariff rates, enlarged norm
  • Automatic rate recount in event of adjustment of charges
  • Forming up of recording and printout

Piecework earnings calculation (Work team tickets)

  • Calculation of one-day and month work team tickets
  • Report of piecework earnings over segments on the grounds of one-day work tickets
  • Forming up of recording and printout of final statements and summaries

Calculation of drivers salary

  • Allows to handle trip tickets made out with “Fleet management” module
  • Calculation of drivers allowances: rating, overhaul, irregular working hours, load handling, forwarding, etc.
  • Forming up of recording and printout