Attention! As of 31.05.2010 version 1.0.9 is available.
What is it?
FDBConvert utility provides you with a help in converting databases of Interbase 6.0, Yaffil, Firebird 1.x, Firebird 2.0.x and Firebird 2.1.x formats into new Firebird 2.5 version.

Conversion includes:

  • Estimation and checking for accessible space on a hard drive
  • Checking whether database file is damaged
  • Checking for NOT NULL fields containing NULL values
  • Backing up and restoring database with FIX_FSS_* switches
  • Replacing of external UDFs with built-in functions
  • Recompiling of stored procedures and triggers
  • Recompiling of views and calculated fields
The utility doesn't require presence of Firebird server on a computer.

If Firebird server is installed, the utility doesn't change its settings nor upgrading its version.

Setting up
FDBConvert neither requires installation, nor writes to registry and system folders. Please, choose from proposed methods of setting up:
Download and unzip an archive. Run fdbconvert.exe.

Download a setup file in format of the

download download
Use 7-zip archiever for unpacking. Current version 1.0.9.
Can the utility corrupt my database?
No. The very first step of conversion is creating of reserve copy of your database. Nevertheless we strongly recommend you to backup database prior to upgrading and store an archive at a safe place.
Can not connect to my database after conversion
Probably, you did not upgrage your existing Firebird server. Please, follow instructions at FDBConvert doesn't upgrade your existing Firebird software, nor change its settings.
Can stored procedure or trigger be lost during conversion?
No. Neither stored procedure, nor trigger, nor view, nor calculated field can be lost. There are two options in case of some object can not be compiled under new version of Firebird. You can either edit its code and recompile, or comment it out, so be able to solve the problem later.
Where to place custom UDF dlls?
Copy all required libraries into every udf subfolder of app\FDBConvert\ folder.
How does it work?
Good question. You could investigate it by yourself. Just look into Source folder. We have used the Embarcadero Delphi 5 (formely CodeGear Delphi and Borland Delphi).
Who we are
Since its foundation in 1994 Golden Software of Belarus, Ltd is one of the leading players in software market of Belarus.

Our flagship product is a platform for rapid development of robust ERP solutions. We named it Gedemin after famous Belarusian duke. Over 2000 enterprises in Belarus use Gedemin based applications in its everydays business. The platform takes advantage of Firebird as an underlaying data storage.

Having a huge expertise in database design and software development we also provide outsourcing services.

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