Agriculture business

A territorial production complex “NIVA-SES:Accounting” is a complex of program features that is relating to the class of standard design decisions. On its base a full-featured scalable automatized system of management of an agricultural organization is created.

Signature features:

  • The software package is developed in accordance with the accounting methodology of an agricultural organization of the Republic of Belarus, print forms of documents fully conform to forms of source documents, that are accepted by the Ministry of agriculture and food products.
  • The software package runs in a local area network of an agricultural organization and maintains constant and reliable operational capability with the amount of jobs up to 50.
  • The software package is developed on the ground of advanced software technologies and act as open-source software.

The standard software package “NIVA-SES:Accounting” is just 8 subsystems of accounting automation:

  1. Subsystem of automation of fixed capitals and fictitious assets accounting.
  2. Subsystem of automation of financial resources and payment transactions accounting.
  3. Subsystem of automation of production reserves and finished-product output accounting.
  4. Subsystem of automation of work of vehicles, a tractor fleet and fuel and lubricants accounting.
  5. Subsystem of automation of animals in farming and fattening accounting.
  6. Subsystem of automation of labour, salary and work force accounting.
  7. Subsystem of automation of farm production expenses accounting.
  8. Subsystem of automation of financial results and reports accounting.

The “Fixed capitals and fictitious assets accounting” subsystem of automation:

Учет основных средств и нематериальных активов

The “Production reserves and finished-product output accounting” subsystem of automation:

Учет производственных запасов и готовой продукции

The “Animals in farming and fattening accounting” subsystem of automation:

Учет животных на выращивании и откорме

The “Financial resources and payment transactions accounting” subsystem of automation:

Учет денежных средств и расчетных операций

The “Labour, salary and work force accounting” subsystem of automation:

Учет труда заработной платы и кадров

The “Farm production expenses accounting” subsystem of automation:

Учет затрат на производство сельскохозяйственной продукции

The “Financial results and reports accounting” subsystem of automation:

Учет финансовых результатов и отчетности