rapid development of economic software

Gedemin Platform

  • The first in the world technological platform
    That unites a relational database system, post-relational object-oriented technologies of data processing and the language of logical programming Prolog.
  • 100% open source code
    platforms, Firebird database system, SWI-Prolog systems of logical programming help to radically cut cost of the app solution and allow access to any aspect during the application’s development.
  • A set of business-objects of application logic
    and optimized data structures for storage of specific information about accounting transactions and stock movement release developers from reinventing the wheel and give an opportunity to concentrate on solving problems.

Universal and custom tailored application software


Gedemin platform solutions follow modularity throughout the single common database. Every module can be used in standalone mode or interfacing with other modules and/or third party software, forming holistic software package. Program functionality can be easily extended in accordance with the client’s preferences.

from a bold idea to detailed implementation

We offer services

  • An initial investigation
    is carried by our company’s experts aimed at determination of requirements and buildup of a requirements document for software development and supply.
  • Software development
    program modularisation or extending of the program modules’ functionality. Installation of in-store and industrial equipment, mobile devices. Integration of new software with the one that has already been in use by the Acquirer.
  • Launching into industrial operation
    software install and configuration at the server and work stations, training of users and system administrators on an individual basis and in teams, improvement of data structures, algorithms, screen and output forms, organization of primary data entry, performing accounting and results checking upon the providing period.

quick problem solution


Newest version of the platform, setup programs and portable versions of application software, other useful files.

Subscription services include counselling, training, software adaptation in laws and business processes, versions’ upgrade. The service is rendered remotely or on a call-out basis. Payment by the hour or fixed monthly pay.

Active community of users and developers of Gedemin-based software is always ready to come to the rescue.

Use a bug tracker to report some bugs and requests. Track the state of your records.

the true power of software

Golden Software of Belarus, Ltd

Technological leadership in the industry is the main creed of the company since the moment of establishment in 1994.

In 1995 we were the first company in Belarus who released an accounting software for Windows. In 5 years a program family known as ‘Angelika’ has turned into a dozen of program products which were meant for automation of depot, sale, payroll job, asset accounting, etc.

After summing up all gathered experience we started development of a client-server post-relational technological platform ‘Gedemin’ in 2000. The first version entered the market in 2003 and became a basis for all subsequent app solutions, developed by our company.

In 2014 the platform’s capacity was enlarged by means of including SWI-Prolog. This way ‘Gedemin’ has become the first in the world tool for solving economic problems that bundles post-relational technologies with logical programming.