Health resort management

The software package is used for automating of health resorts, preventoriums, rest-houses activity and allows to solve succeeding problems:

  • occupancy planning
  • reservation (including organization of online reservation by means of the website)
  • cost calculation and issuing of vouchers
  • accounting and control of payment
  • selecting a guest room, a canteen’s seat, a doctor in charge taking into account visiting hours
  • patient recording in soft copies
  • procedure’s order and scheduling in light of availability of medical procedure devices
  • accounting of procedures' run, calculation of load on medical procedure devices and nurses
  • organization of dietetic nutrition
  • course calculation, calculation of calories and nutrition value
  • menu compilation

If it is necessary, the "Health resort management" complex can be supplied with “Accounting” and “Inventory control” modules to give an entire enterprise information system.

The following screenshots show some working modes of the program.

Ordering the room number

Record of a patient

Procedures' order

Nurse's workstation

Administrator's workstation

Presentation at the "Berezka" health resort