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The program has the form of a ready-made solution for record-keeping and preparation of reporting by entrepreneurs.

Gedemin: Entrepreneur supports accounting automation for entrepreneurs who work in wholesaling and retailing sectors, rendition of services along with manufacturing. The program fully conforms to the working legislation of the Republic of Belarus and makes possible for entrepreneurs who pay income or single taxes as well as work using simplified taxation system to maintain tax accounting. Flexible pricing mechanism supports various pricing schemes for entrepreneurs who pay VAT and for VAT non-payers. Standard configuration gives an opportunity to keep records on behalf of several entrepreneurs and upon any number of depots in one database.

Work with the program doesn’t expect users to be familiar with a chart of accounts and accounting transactions. Flow of financial and physical resources, calculation of profits and tax base takes place in the system automatically when it comes to document creation or performing some automated business activity.

Standard delivery includes automation of following sections of entrepreneur’s accounting:

  • Bank and сash
  • Trade and depot
  • Producing
  • Payroll
  • Fixed assets
  • Services

Разделы учета

Bank and сash

The Bank and сash module guarantees accounting of bank and cash operations, helps to execute source bank and cash documents (payment orders, requests, cash deposit slips, check register, credit and debit slips, cash book, etc.) and to maintain their automatic accounting.

Trade and depot

Usage of the Trade and depot module allows automating accounting in wholesale and retailing. By means of this module you can take into account stock availability at depots and sales outlets, keep a base of clients and suppliers, execute receipts and expenses of goods, reassess and make an inventory of goods, form all necessary source documents (waybills, sales invoices, stock-taking act, etc.), control status of reciprocal payments from transactors, join up store equipment. The module comes with more than 10 reports, which you can look through or print out as a table or a diagram. A shopbook (of finished goods), a book of goods movement accounting are the results of document flow in the Trade and depot module.

Книга учета товаров (готовой продукции)


The Producing module is meant for automation of an entrepreneur’s physical resources accounting and documentation of finished-product output. The module allows users to automate such operations with physical resources as their flow, adaptation, withdrawal, returns outwards, sale, adaptation for outside companies, accounting of working clothes, etc. There is a possibility of making-up acts of finished-product output on the ground of a withdrawal rates reference book. Documents of the Producing module form books of raw materials accounting, individual items as part of floating assets, products (finished goods).


The Payroll module allows users to automate receivables from employees on labor compensations. It allows for automatic forming of income tax pay scale, maintenance of a reference of fringe benefits and withholding, automatic payroll accounting along with tax charge and salary budget’s contributions (income, pensionary, NSSF, employment support fund), print-out of an employee’s ledger account card, certificates of income and payroll register.

Налоговая декларация (фонд содействия занятости)

Fixed assets

The usage of the Fixed assets module helps to maintain records of fixed assets’ articles on their location and accountable persons, to reassess FA articles by the direct or index method, to сharge depreciation by straight-line or declining methods, to keep track of precious metals, contained in FA, to account fictitious assets and charge depreciation of them. In accordance with the module’s documents we can form an assets ledger.


The Services module allows users to maintain records of services contracts and on the ground of them to form acts of rendered services automatically as well as to account incoming services, among other to make automatic calculations of deferred expenses (for example, expenses on a subscription for a periodical).

Вooks of record

The Gedemin: Entrepreneur program automatically fills out following books of record, as provided for by the Rule “ Of accounting income, expenses and economic operations put through by entrepreneurs”  (approved by a decision of Ministry of Taxation d/d 20.04.2006 № 50/45):

  • Shopbook (of finished goods)
  • Book of goods movement accounting
  • Income and expenditure ledger
  • Store ledger
  • Book of receivables accounting
  • Assets ledger
  • Book of fictitious assets accounting
  • Book of individual items as part of floating assets accounting

Books of record are accounting documents that were formed on the ground of electronic records executed in related modules of the program. For instance, if you draft an incoming delivery and goods issue slip and enter some bank statement data, at the output you can get a shopbook (of finished goods). When fixed assets have been capitalized and brought into production, data for them and accumulated depreciation will be recorded in an assets ledger.

Сalculation of tax

Calculation of tax and tax forms filling-out arise automatically for those operations which were documented by electronic records. The program provides for calculation of almost all taxes which entrepreneurs should pay.

Расчет налогов предпринимателя