Effective payment management and cash outflow control constitute as one of the core tasks, which heads of the enterprise usually face. Successful solution of these problems directly depends on availability of accurate and up-to-date information about when, to whom and how many funds should be delivered, in what way to make payments, whether there are enough funds for performing accounting.

“Payment calendar” subsystem is used to solve problems of operative planning of cash and non-cash outflow and includes succeeding functional capabilities:

  • planning of cash receipts from customers
  • planning of payments to providers and other creditors
  • payment calendaring of the company in terms of fund types, contraparties and contracts along with account cost classifier

Planning system is based on using actual data of accounting, as well as data of prospective income by invoice and regulatory payments. The contour of operative planning of inpayments gives program users an effective means of management and control over a process of payments from clients and customers.

Documents and guides of the subsystem:

  • Payment request
  • Regulatory payments planning
  • Periodic payments planning
  • Approval of plans and requests
  • Payment calendar
  • Transactions
  • Payment frequency
  • Payment options
  • Orders

Payment request

Periodic payments planning

Regulatory payments planning

Payment calendar

Approval of plans and requests