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“Accounting” subsystem powered by Gedemin platform is a complete solution for recording different types of activities using several charts of accounts: national, international, managemental, etc.

Synthetic accounting is carried out using accounts and sub-accounts, invoice amount and nesting level of which are unreserved. For analytical accounting it’s possible to use almost illimitable independent attributes. Besides accrual accounting in rubles and foreign currency the subsystem allows us to maintain quantitative accounting on the basis of an unlimited number of quantitative indicators. All these factors turn “Accounting” into a powerful tool for receiving all kinds of accounting reports, analysis and forecasting.

Entries by virtue of documents

Gedemin platform amounts to a document-centric system where each document can support one or a few accounting transactions, which eventually transform into accounting entries. In the majority of cases accounting entries are formed automatically due to relevant documents’ entries and editing.

The subsystem is supplied with a capability of entering manual entries directly in the general journal for representation of uncommon, single operations or for correction.

The user is offered with a set of accounting reports:

  • General journal
  • Account card
  • Account analysis
  • Trial balance
  • General ledger

Automatic operations engine allows automating regular payrolls. For instance, it helps to execute procedures of exchange differences calculation, closing entries, calculation of tax returns and tax forms.