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Clothing industry

The MRP module is developed on the ground of standard inventory control and affords to frame the demand for raw materials, necessary for making-up of wearing apparel in terms of patterns, sizes, colours and other characteristics as well as to calculate every pattern’s prime cost.

A spend norm is formed upon every product and contains the list of materials which are necessary for manufacturing the required amount of goods. Textiles and related materials can be divided by colours.

Then a product plan is being formed which can be detailed in terms of colours.

When the plan of production is formed, by virtue of spend norms and current data of inventory control, we can calculate an approximate prime cost of every product. Hereafter, it’s possible to form the demand of a business for raw materials, necessary for some pre-arranged output. The given mode is associated with inventory control and, depending on the current balance and actual output, is reflective of the demand for raw materials (pegged to colours) and makes it possible to form an order to a supplier automatically.