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Payment documents, bank and cash

The “Payment documents” program is the simplest one among all Gedemin platform standard solutions.


Main functions of the program are preparing, printing and recording of source accounting documents.

The program contains more than 80 printing forms of bank, cash and warehouse documents:

  • payment order
  • payment request
  • cash deposit slip
  • delivery and consignment note
  • sales invoice
  • cash order
  • letter of authority
  • business trip certificate, etc.

The program allows maintaining records of cash payments and payment account operations, suitable for producing required ledgers and “Bank-client” system exchange.

Using references

The system of program references simplifies duplicated data input and reduces the possibility of raising errors at the time of document creation.

Current bank directory of the Republic of Belarus allows filling in bank account details of the organization using only a bank number.

User interface

The program has an intuitive graphical interface.

The management center simplifies access to basic documents and system references and allows inexperienced users to create documents literally from the first view.

Advanced features

All features, which we put into the technological platform Gedemin, have been carried out in the program:

  • Five particular methods of finding information in the database whereof you can choose the most convenient for you.
  • Filter data engine allows filtering information by specified criterions.
  • Engine of access rights differentiation and archive back-up minimizes the probability of a data breach or data loss.