Подключение к ИС "AITS-Прослеживаемость" для пользователей "Гедымин: Мясокомбинат"

Restaurant, public catering (back-office)

The program allows users to keep accounts of products at depots and their shipment to the kitchen and the bar, to draw out and compute calculation cards on the ground of the сatalogue of formulations, to enter and print the menu, to make out checks and keep track of them, to control paying, to join up cash registers and store equipment.

Catalogue of formulations

The program contains the catalogue of formulations where users can add new recipes.

Calculation cards

Composing of calculation cards in the absence of a computer is a labor-intensive and lengthy process. Through the use of the “Restaurant” program you will only have to choose necessary ingredients… and the card is ready. The system allows for forming of cards on the ground of a recipe as well as previously drawn-up cards in the light of shifted product prices.

Prices for products are put in accordance with current data of inventory control. An ingredient which is included in the card, can have the form of not only a product but also another card (for instance, the sauce which is part of some course). Cards can be divided into groups and attach to certain units. It’s possible to calculate a product yield cut and dried.

The program makes it possible:

  • to form menu courses on the ground of calculation cards;
  • to enter in the menu not only courses but also some other products (for example, cigarettes or strong drinks);
  • to calculate prices for products by means of specified formulas;
  • to create a new menu on the ground of the previously drawn-up one;
  • to search and recount the courses that require recount of calculation cards because of shifted prices for ingredients;
  • to search for products that has to be set a new value on.

Orders (invoicing)

For making an order it’s enough to choose a list of courses ordered by a client and their amount.

The program makes it possible:

  • to look through orders for any period, upon the chosen menu and/or the waiter;
  • to use a cash register;
  • to manage a list of regular customers and to calculate a discounted price for them;
  • to put into circulation discount and club cards;
  • to consider tips;
  • to execute an additional order of courses;
  • order paying control;
  • planned and banquet orders accounting.


The system allows for printing of following documents:

  • Catalogue of recipes,
  • Process cards,
  • Calculation cards,
  • Menu,
  • Checks,
  • Orders,
  • Delivеry,
  • Cash report,
  • Course delivery by segments,
  • Sold courses in terms of segments,
  • Backflush costing,
  • Working act,
  • Deficit sheet.
  • While making-up a Working act it’s possible to spend raw materials from the kitchen and capitalizе finished goods.

Besides, “Restaurant” allows creating of any random report at customer's option.