Fixed assets

The module is meant for accounting of the company’s fixed capitals and fictitious assets and permits to automate accounting of succeeding activities:

  • Production goods receipts (purchase, installation, producing, construction)
  • Start up operations
  • Delivery and installation expenditure records
  • Internal handling
  • Reapprisal (index and individual methods)
  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Additional stuffing
  • Charging of depreciation (straight-line, declining methods and service basis)
  • Laying-up
  • Charge-off

Every object is being kept track of precious and base metals.

On the ground of accounts and records there is FA records inventory card being formed (OC-6 form):

FA records inventory card ОС-6

and other accounts:

  • Bullion content
  • Countsheet
  • Inventory sheet
  • Scope of supply
  • 4КМ form
  • 4КМ form into groups
  • Precious metals floating
  • Precious metals floating including nomenclature
  • FA inventory check list (without allotment)
  • Fixed assets countsheet (vertical)
  • FA inventory report
  • Fixed assets countsheet (horizontal)
  • Inventory sheet
  • Scope of supply
  • Sheet of fixed assets depreciation existence and calculation
  • Value balance list of FA throughout business units
  • Depreciation balance list of FA throughout business units
  • Quarterly form OC11
  • Fixed capital expenditures 6-ис
  • Fixed capital expenditures 6-ис (definition)
  • Precious metals countsheet
  • Asset acquisitions throughout branches
  • Core herd’s animals countsheet
  • 1-Ф (FA) form – 2011
  • Check list of FA closed stock
  • Check list of asset transactions (FA)