POSitive:Check — Restaurant, cafe, bar (front-office)

The program product for food outlet automation POSitive:Check is the recent development of Golden Software of Belarus, Ltd. POSitive:Check is registered in the National registry as a part of the POS-system together with a fiscal register SPARK-115TF and is distributed in association with our partners “KKC” LLC.

POSitive:Check — Restaurant (front-office)

The given product allows serving customers quickly and accurately, but, coupled with a back-office on the ground of the Gedemin platform, it solves problems of goods distribution accounting in a restaurant, a bar or a café.

POSitive:Check — Restaurant (front-office)

POSitive:Check was developed on foot of long-experienced (11 years) implementation of accounting information systems at public catering businesses in Minsk and the Republic of Belarus.

What does POSitive:Check do?

  • New order creation.

  • Fill-up order paying.

  • Orders revision.

  • Printing of earnings operational reports (Z1, X1, pay-in, withdrawal, shift start/close).

  • Order split-off/ unity.

  • Order transfer from one waiter to another.

  • Removal of the order item whereby a service-check has been printed out.

  • Entering of the guest amount going beyond the limit, which is set by the program parameters.

  • Pre-check cancellation.

  • Working with tables.

  • A broad list of modifiers.

  • A few variants of the discount system.

  • A few paying modes: payments by cash, by check, combined payment.

  • Employee identification by using magstripes.

How POSitive:Check can be beneficial to you::

  • The time of service is cut by means of simple and sharp work of the system: order entries and further work are performed through the use of a touch screen, user-friendly and clean interface.

  • Orders are transfered to printers of a bar and a kitchen automatically. So, if an order is changed or an order should be made up later, a waiter doesn’t have to go to the kitchen or the bar.

  • Solving of unusual situations (for example, guests moved from the bar to the restaurant hall, a guest refused a cooked or yet uncooked meal, a guest didn’t have enough money to pay) comes around quickly and plainly.

  • Discounting can be carried out at different periods and upon varied categories – automatically or by manual input.

  • Staff training for working with the system isn’t time consuming at all. All procedures are clear, logical, easy to remember, and in case of mistakes the system will point out them to the staff.