This is an application solution which provides an opportunity to automate personnel record-keeping.

Basic functions:

  • personnel requirements planning
  • staff records and staff composition analysis
  • management of skills set and employee rating
  • management of staff financial motivation
  • timesheet maintenance
  • staff workload planning
  • developing of restricted general forms
  • control of employment agreements, contracts
  • personal record-keeping

The program greatly facilitates work performance and saves time of the company’s HR-employee.

Personal cards

  • Producing and filling in personal cards of employees
  • Handy mode of hunting employees for any parameters
  • Forming up of recording and printout

Personnel schedule

  • Producing and editing of the company’s organisational set-up
  • Vacancy control
  • Forming up of recording and printout

Flextime account

  • Producing of time sheets by a HR department member personally
  • Control of time sheets filled in by head foremen (is used in large manufacturing outfits)
  • Automatic forming of periods for ПУ-6 (personal record-keeping) which take into account staff appointments
  • Forming of time sheets on the ground of data from an automated checkpoint

Personal record-keeping

Data upload in the program of personal record-keeping.